How To Become Fit Without Exercise

How To Become Fit Without Exercise In 31 Days?

Fitness is an essential thing in everyone’s life. Everyone wants to look fit and feel fit but without doing exercise. Do you know  how to become fit without exercise?

There are numerous ways to be fit; some follow a diet plan, while others exercise. Everything has its specific importance and can’t compare to each other. Nowadays, people have also involved themselves in online yoga classes because they can keep themselves fit.

If you want to be fit, all it requires is dedication, whether you follow a diet, routine, exercise, or anything else. If you are not dedicated, achieving your targets can be difficult. But which kind of ways are you going to use to be fit? 

Are you a person who wants to become fit without doing exercise? If yes, then this write-up is only for you. Now you might be thinking about how to become fit without exercise. So, here you will find brief information on different ways that you can follow to stay fit.


Whether you discuss present-day or older days, people have always wanted to be fit. But in the 21st century, the awareness and the want for fitness have grown much higher. It can be a reason because people are becoming more conscious about themselves and are also involved much in eating junk.

Whereas earlier, junk food was quite rare, and an individual’s appearance was not as hyped as it is now. These reasons are good as the result of all these can make an individual fit. But one should never be too concerned about something that would affect their mental health.

If you want to be fit physically, it is also essential to be fit mentally, or else nothing is possible. So, ensure that you have a passion and dedication towards fitness, not an obsession that might negatively affect things.

Here in this write-up you will get the answers to your question on how to become fit without exercise in 31 days.

11 proven ways to how to become fit without exercise

Now that you have been searching for how to become fit without exercise, here are 11 ways to help you with the same. Individuals in their daily life use these different ways of being fit, and it has worked a lot for them. Even you can try these 11 ways but do not forget to be dedicated to it and not cheat on yourself. Below, you can find a brief description of the different ways in which you can become fit.

1. Weigh yourself

The most important thing for you is to weigh yourself often. Now you might be thinking, what is the role of weighing oneself more often in losing weight? Weighing yourself can show you a mirror; this can be stressful but relaxing too.

Firstly, you need to accept yourself the way you are because you can only set realistic targets to achieve. For example, if you are following a diet plan for 31 days, but on the 10th day, you feel like eating junk and cheating on your diet. Then you can weigh and remind yourself that you need to stay dedicated towards your goals without losing hope.

 how to become fit without exercise

Following this, one can also get motivated as they can see the differences between the first day of their plan till they are still working for it. This way of weighing oneself has worked for many people; even you can add it to your list because weighing is the first and last thing one would prefer to do on a fitness journey.

2. Hydrate yourself

There are times when you might feel hungry, and you will want to eat more, but you can’t because you have to lose weight. So, in such cases, drinking water can be of great help.

Now you might be thinking about how this can help you stay fit. So, if you drink a lot of water when you feel hungry, there are more chances you will not be able to eat much. Also, it advises drinking water 20 minutes before snacks and meals as this leads to weight loss.

Water- how to become fit without exercise

3. Check on your portion

Losing weight is not only something you can achieve by using your body instead, but you also need to act smart and use your mind. Your mind plays a significant role in losing weight, so start keeping a check and control your portion.

If you have been trying to become fit without exercise, eat in smaller bowls and plates. It is the best way to trick your mind, as this will make you feel that you had a plate full of the meal, but you ate in smaller quantities because of the size of the plate. But when you eat salad or anything healthy, you switch your plate and keep yourself full.


4. Eat slow

Whether you eat your meal or salad, make sure to chew it properly and slow down the speed of your eating. According to studies, slow eaters gain weight slowly compared to fast eaters.

Whether you want to lose weight or prevent yourself from gaining weight, chewing your food properly and eating slowly can be helpful. It will make you feel full because of which you will not want to eat more and thus you can stay fit.

5. Intake of more protein

Protein has a lot of effects on one’s appetite as it reduces hunger, makes you feel full, and cuts downs on your calorie intake. For example, according to a study, if protein intake increases to 30%, one might eat less than 441 calories daily, reducing 11 pounds in only 12 weeks. 

Another study shows that an obese woman eats eggs in her breakfast which led to less calorie intake during lunch than the others who had grain-based breakfast and not eggs. 

6. Don’t store unhealthy food items

How to become fit without exercise? First, stop storing unhealthy or junk food in your house because this can increase your craving to eat those items. Because of the craving, you might lose your motivation and eat the food that will spoil your efforts. So, keep such food items out of your sight; instead, keep fruits and healthy veggies visible.

7. Don’t be distracted while eating

Nowadays, a lot of people are involved in using their phones, watching television, or playing computer games while eating. It leads to over-eating, because of which one might gain weight. Therefore, you should avoid using electronic items or distractions while eating because then you will focus only on your meal which will make you realize how much you should eat.

8. Keep an eye on your drinks

Many people still think they should avoid drinking and consuming drinks. But do you know which kind of drink is good for you? No, fruit juice or soda can’t help in losing weight; instead, it will increase it. So, it would help if you started consuming water, green tea, and coffee rather than sugary drinks.

9. Intake of more fiber

Flex seed

Intake of higher fiber can increase satiety, making you feel full for a longer time. Also, according to studies, viscous fiber can help in losing weight. You can consume this kind of fiber from oat cereals, beans, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, flax seeds, oranges.

10. Better mental health

When we talk of physical health and fitness, people usually ignore mental health, but this shouldn’t occur. If your mental health is not good, it can also negatively affect your weight and appetite.

Stress and depression usually lead to obesity and other health problems, so firstly you should keep yourself mentally fit to be physically fit.

11. Good sleep

Good sleep is something that no one should neglect because it is both important for your mental and physical health. Poor sleep can affect and disrupt your hormones like ghrelin and leptin. Fluctuating these hormones can increase your cravings and hunger for unhealthy food items, leading to more calorie intake. So, from now on, sleep well to stay fit.



If you have been searching for how to become fit without exercise, then the above 11 proven ways can be helpful for you. Ways like good sleep better mental health; high protein, fiber, and water; eating slowly; checking on one’s portion, and others are easier and can help you a lot in your fitness journey.

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