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THE MUSCLEZ GYM is one of the best gyms that is located in Najafgarh, Delhi. Our expert trainers will not only help you to do your workout in the right way, but also help you to meet your fitness goals by advising a healthy diet. An individual will get proper training to solve their health related problems with the help of our services such as Yoga, Fitness Training, Meditation, Stretches, and flexibility. In addition to that, we have Nutrition and Fitness Consultancy as well to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our primary focus is to offer every individual a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and effective exercises.

Services We Offer


Cardio gets your blood pumping, shuttling oxygen and nutrients to your heart.

Strength Training

We provide you the session of exercises that develop muscular strength.

Cross-Fit Exercises

CrossFit workouts are based on the principles of high intensity interval training.

Mobility & Stretching

Mobility helps to avoid injury during exercise, Stretching has the ability to lengthen or hold a muscle in a stretch.


Yoga is an ancient practice that involves physical poses, concentration, and deep breathing.

Diet Counselling

Diet counselling helps the patient set realistic goals and provides guidance in menu planning.

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