Best Cardio Core Exercise

The 11 best cardio core exercises

Exercise should be another term for fitness because if you want to be fit, you must exercise daily. Several people believe that bringing changes into their diet can help them in losing or gaining weight. But do you know what the truth is? Along with your diet plan, you also need to do many workouts per your requirement.

For example, the exercise would be different if you want to lose weight. Whereas, if you want to gain muscles, your exercises will differ from the ones you are trying to lose weight. Because of this, hiring an experienced trainer who can train you as per your fitness goals is always suggested.

In this write-up, you will be able to gather all the important information about cardio core exercises, and you will also find a list of those best exercises. 

Best Cardio Core Exercise

Overview of cardio core exercises 

People prefer doing different exercises, as some prefer doing cardio exercises, some core exercise and some cardio core exercise. All have different benefits so you can choose exercises according to your needs. 

Cardiovascular Exercises vs Core Exercise vs Cardio Core Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises or cardio exercise are that can take your heart rate up, and these are also very beneficial. This kind of exercise can burn calories and fat, enhance sleep quality, expand your lung capacity, lower stress, strengthen your heart, improve your sex life, and much more.

Whereas core exercises can challenge the muscles of the torso, pelvis, spine, hips, and other body parts. It is done to strengthen your muscles, attain better posture, improve balance, increase stability, and reduce pain.

But Cardio core exercises can help build strength, improve heart health, and stabilize balance. Some of the benefits of these exercises are that they can lower your blood pressure, regulate your blood sugar level, decrease asthma symptoms and chronic pain, regulate weight, improve brain power, boost mood, and aid sleep. 

11 best cardio core exercises 

Now that you have been searching for the best cardio core exercises, you can find the best 11 exercises in that category. You can perform these exercises every day at your home. But if you are physically unwell, consult your doctor before getting started with any exercise.

  1. Jumping jack

One of the easiest and most common exercises that you can do is a jumping jack. Most of you might have done this kind of exercise at a young age when you were in school. Most physical education teachers used to train their students in this exercise because it is quite good for your overall health.

But as people grow, they think that the old things are not so important because of this, they stop performing such exercises. But do you know that even if you go to the best trainers for cardio core exercises, they will begin with the jumping jack? 

Jumping jack Best Cardio Core Exercise

To recall your memories, let us know how this exercise is performed. It would help if you stood in an attention position where your feet were closed, and your hands were on the side. Then it would help if you jumped with your feet apart, and as you jump, take your hands overhead and clap. Repeat the same process while you jump back to keep your feet together. Perform this exercise for a minute and increase your jumping speed and height.

2) Squat jump

Squats are the best kind of exercise as they have numerous benefits. While looking for cardio core exercises, you can prefer doing squat jumps.

To do this exercise, you need to stand in the position of squats. The only difference is that when you sit for a squat, you will not stand back; instead, you will jump and come back to the same position.

3) Squat hold

Squat hold, the term might sound complex, right? But it’s even more difficult to perform. To do this exercise, you need to be in the squat position and hold it for some time (as much as possible). At the same time, you don’t move during this position; your muscles work a lot to keep you on hold.

Best Cardio Core Exercise

4)High knees

High knees are again amongst those cardio core exercises you might have done at a young age. Learning this exercise is quite easy, as you must stand straight with your feet apart. Stretch your arms straight in front of you, then try to move your left knee in the upward direction to reach your left elbow and then do it on the right side.

5) Elbow to knees

Elbow to knees is quite similar to high knees exercise. As in this exercise, you must stand upright and keep your feet apart. Then take your right knee and try to touch it to the left elbow, and then take your left knee and try to touch your right elbow with it. This whole process will involve hopping, so increase the speed gradually.

6) Tuck jumps

Have you ever performed tuck jumps? If you haven’t, then here’s how you can. Firstly, stand with your feet apart and bend your knees. Then drive through the jump and try to bring your knees into your chest, and then as you go back to the ground, be in a slanting or bending position.

7) Switch kicks

Are you looking for easy cardio core exercises? If yes, then switch kicks can do the work for you. To do this exercise, stand straight and take your hands near your chest by folding your fist. After that, you need to kick with the left leg and then the right leg; keep repeating the kicks by switching sides. While you do this, make sure to increase the speed of your movement.

8) Bear crawl

Bear crawls, could the name be more interesting? It is interesting when you do it daily. Do you know how to do this exercise? It would help if you went down on your knees and hand, making a bear-like position. Now start crawling but remember, when you take your left hand forward, take the opposite leg forward to take a crawling step. Try not to touch the ground with your knees, but if it’s too difficult initially, you can start with the same. 

Bear crawl

9) Forearm plank

Forearm planks are amongst the best exercises for abs. You can lie down on the side of your stomach while you begin to take the actual position to do this exercise. Then slowly take your hands above and lift yourself based on your elbows. Slowly lift your other body part based on your toes. Then correct your posture by stretching your full body into a straight line above the ground. Remember to keep your elbows below your shoulder, open your palms and fingers, and place them on the ground. Hold this position as long as you can.

10) Mountain climber

Do you want to climb a mountain? Don’t worry; you will not have to climb a mountain to stay fit. Instead, mountain climber exercise can help you stay fit and gain strength. To do this cardio core exercise, you need to be in the plank position, bring your knee closer to your chest, and then follow it on the other side. Repeat this and gradually try to increase your speed.

11) Burpees

Once you are on the advanced level, you can try burpees. This full-body exercise builds strength in both the upper and lower body. If you want to do this exercise, you will have to squat, jump, and form a position to do push-ups. Do a push-up; then, you will have to jump high, throwing your hands above your head. Repeat the steps.

Note: Here are a few things you should consider while doing these exercises.

•Go through a medical checkup to see if you have any health issues.

•If you are suffering from any health problem, you should consult your doctor before beginning this set of exercises.

•Make sure you also follow a diet plan suggested by your trainer or dietitian.

•Have realistic goals.

•Do not overdo any of the above exercises in the beginning.

•Gradually enhance your speed, posture, and level of the exercises.

•Every individual is different, so consult a professional before you begin these core exercises.


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